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Okay ladies bare with me. My last AF was 10/3, was a week late so I took a HPT on 11/9 and got a faint positive. Same thing on 11/10. Then I had very light bleeding which I percieved as implatation bleeding. It was a very light pink. This lasted for 5 days then stopped. On the day it stopped I had sex with my husband come to find when we were finished, I had blood all over me. From then on I bled like a normal period but lighter than my average. At the begining of this bleeding I took another HPT and got the same faint line. Halfway through this bleeding I saw tiny scattered black clots. This bleeding lasted for 8 days and no cramping was felt. Worried I called my OB's office and they had me do a blood test. Based on my last AF I am supposed to be 6 weeks pregnant but my HCG was only 36. 3 days later I took another test (which was yesterday) and my HCG was 68. Because my levels went up I will be taking a blood test tomorrow. 

Has anyone been through something like this? I read all these things about ectopic pregnancies and such and I need some sort of personal input. This is frustrating, scary, and stressing me out. Any advice or comment is much appreciated!

Could I have miscarried a twin? My levels indicate I was 1-2 wks when my pregnancy tests indicate I should be about 3-4 wks.


I dont really know anything about sex im just learning myself and i recently just lost my virginity . Your story very interesting should ask your doctor to be sure