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Hi, I need help.

right after I finished my last period I had sex with an ex (big mistake) - we used protection but about 5 days after, I got 8 out of 10 pregnancy symptoms. I did google early signs of pregnancy and alot of it seemed to be happening to me.

I thought I would wait a week or so, just in case paranoia was setting in... things haven't seemed to have changed. I have been really busy at work and only had one day off in the last two weeks and was unable to get a doctors appointment. I didn't seem that worried as I thought it was almost impossible and I wouldn't be pregnant. Again, paranoid about it all and working loads = stress. possibly making me imagine symptoms.

Well, yesterday I couldn't stop shivering all day and had awful abdominal pains, around where the womb is and usual period pains occur. but these weren't period pains. 15 years of having periods, I do know what a period pain feels like - this wasn't it.

Last night I didn't sleep and all day today, on and off pains in my abdomen. Tonight I came home and went to the toilet, really bad pains again and there was some blood with clotting - not like a normal period.

I'm wondering if I've had a miscarriage as what I'm feeling now definitely isn't normal. My next period is due in about 7 days.


5 days after sex is far too soon to have pregnancy symptoms- also, in general, ovulation doesn't happen until about a week, week and a half after the end of your period. (approx 2 weeks from the start of your period is average). Did you ever take a home pregnancy test? That would have at least given you proof of being pregnant or not. If you are/were pregnant.... Could it be possible that you were pregnant before your last "period"- some women do have a light period even when they are pregnant- that would, timeline wise, make more sense for a possible miscarriage. I would talk to your dr though- obviously, something isn't right with your body, and it's best to get to the bottom of it quickly.