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Does your treadmill stink?

Answered by a doctor

Ok, I have been running about 6 weeks and for the life of me I could figure out why I could get over 20 minutes at about 4.o mph without wanting to die. So me and all my wisdom start looking at my treadmill..I have it set on the steppest incline..SOOO last night I level it and ran like I had never...

by User avatar Guest

recommended summer rain gear?

i need to get some form of long sleeve t-shirt that is light, breathable, and keeps me dry when it's raining... any suggestions? it's raining too much and i'm tired of missing runs but i don't want to catch a cold out there...

by User avatar blue

Please recommend some good metal running songs

Answered by a doctor

Can be old school metal from Black Sabbath up the present stuff. Metal/Rap stuff is OK. (Anthrax and Public Enemy is a fine example)

by User avatar purple hayes

What do you wear to race in?

Shorts, leggings, tights, sports bra, singlet, vest, t-shirt.. the choice is endless. So what do you find the most comfortable?

by User avatar track girl

What do you wear while running in the winter months?

Answered by a doctor

It is starting to get cold up here. I will be spending my winter running outdoors and loving it. What do you wear while running in the winter months?

by User avatar Running Brewer

How many pairs of shoes do you currently own?

Between running, cycling, dress, work and casual, what is your grand total?

by User avatar purple hayes

Do you get your regular size with running shoes or up a half size?

Answered by a doctor

Do you get your regular size with running shoes or up a half size? I just bought a new pair and haven't worn them. They are my regular size and felt good, but I didn't try 1/2 size up. I was reading somewhere yesterday to buy 1/2 size up for running shoes? Should I go try the next 1/2 size up...

by User avatar Molly600

those stinky running clothes...

Answered by a doctor

Where do you all put your stinky running gear after you get back from a nice hot run? I sweat PROFUSELY, especially in this damn hot climate of the sunshine state. I have been hanging my stuff on an extra rack in the bathroom to dry, but I'm not liking the smell which lingers. I need to get more...

by User avatar Steph the Runner

How long do running shoes last for you?

Answered by a doctor

I ran on Monday in an older pair of shoes...which felt awful. But it was interesting seeing the mileage differences. The shoes that felt totally flat on Monday were Asics Diablos with 248 miles. My Mizunos bought in Feb, already have 276 miles on them, and they feel fine. My other running shoes...

by User avatar Kimba90

What kind of reflective gear should i wear while running?

Answered by a doctor

What kinds of reflective gear do people here wear? I do a lot of early morning runs(when the weather warms up) and my wife is always worried about me getting hit. I usually wear a reflective wristband, and wear a light colored shirt. What does everyone else do? Any products you can...

by User avatar coachmarkos