I've had a really terrible experience with *two pairs* of New Balance MT1010 shoes that literally started falling apart after 6 weeks of mild use. I'm all the more disappointed because I enjoyed wearing them so much. However since I'm $250 out of pocket I really don't want to give any more of it to NB.*

However, I have traditionally bought wide (EE) shoes. So I'm in a bit of a bind, especially when it comes to trail shoes. I've been to many shops here in Montreal but none of them seem to keep widths except in the NB range. And even online in Canada I'm having a real tough time getting fitted. The sales lady at Running Room told me that certain brands fit narrower (Saucony) or wider (Asics) but she didn't really know about the other brands.

What would be my best bet besides Asics? Merrel? Adidas? Nike?

* basically after 6 weeks of walking (fairly long distances but still just walking) the uppers broke down, my big toes had venting holes and the upper was almost completely worn away at the side of the ball of the foot. NB said they'd send me a new pair if I sent them the old ones, but I don't want another pair of shoes I can toss after 6 weeks. They're shockingly bad from the durability standpoint and at $125 a pair here I just can't afford to buy 9 pairs a year.