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13-year-old girl, bloating, lookslike I'm pregnant, stomach

Answered by a doctor

Hey! I live in Finland, I'm 13, soon 14. I've had this one and a half years. I can't eat ANYTHING without pain afterwards. I feel full after a few bites of food, doesn't matter what I eat. I get bloated and full even after a glass of water! So it can't be any food allergy cause I can't be allergic...

by User avatar mary13

lower left abdominal burning sensation

Answered by a doctor

I am a health 43 year old women. On and off over the last 4 months or so I have been experiencing a burning sensation (not painful) in my lower left abdomen. The sensation may last for a few minutes or for the majority of the day. It always occurs in the same specific place, about 15cm down from...

by User avatar hutchid

Sharp Pulling Pain in Belly Button - Part 2

Answered by a doctor

This post is an extension of the Sharp pulling pain in bellybutton thread. Please continue posting within this thread.

by User avatar Jenny3481

Abdominal pain (only at night)

Answered by a doctor

For 10 months, I've suffered mild lower abdominal pain (a cramp-like feeling). It only occurs at night, and will go away when I wake up and walk around. I occassionally have mild acid reflux but a double dose of Protonix has done nothing to help the night abdominal pain. An upper GI endoscopy found...

by User avatar writer1

Upper Stomach Pain, Nausea & Burning of the Stomach

Answered by a doctor

My wife is 33 years old with a serious stomach issue that no one can explain what's wrong with her. She was a very healthy woman where she could eat almost about anything, but from one day to another her pain just started. I am so sick of going to all the GI offices and the hospital who keep...

by User avatar Guest

Strange Pulsing In Abdomen

Answered by a doctor

I have a strange and very noticeable pulsing in my abdomen when I lay down. It is in time with my heartbeat, so I can guess what is causing it. I notice it sometimes when I sit too, but upon reclining it is worse. I start sleeping on my stomach, but I find it keeps me awake. My left leg has been...

by User avatar Guest

Undiagnosed Right Sided Abdominal Pain for Over 2 Years

Answered by a doctor

Hello Everyone,   I am a 23 year old male approxiamately around 155 pounds and 6 feet tall. About 2 and a half years ago I had a sudden onset of lower right abdominal pain. Ever since this point until now I have been struggling and living with chronic pain. The pain itself does not stay in one area...

by User avatar Matt

Sharp quick pain in lower abdominal and Arm at the same time

Im having these really sharp and very short shooting pains which occur infrequently, around the lower abdominal area & my (usually) Left arm at the same time ! The pain won't last.. It goes away as soon as it happens. Wanted to see if anyone has ever experienced this or has an idea about it...

by User avatar Hitori310250

Painful Ultrasound

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I am 39 and for the past few years I am feeling pain in my abdominal area. Every doctor I visit says it is gallbladder, so I went to do ultrasound. This was the most painful experience in my life!!! I am never doing it again. NEVER! I cried because of pain while she did ultrasound on me....

by User avatar Guest

bloated / full feeling in abdomen in early morning

Answered by a doctor

Hello - I'm a 37 yo male (6' tall, 150 lbs) who has, in my opinion, eaten fairly well (apples, salads, water, chicken, etc) for several years. I am also generally active, taking strong walks 2-3x / week. A few months ago I started waking around 4 or 5 am, once a week or so, with the feeling that...

by User avatar ilan36043064