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I've got a feeling its something to do with stones.... Bladder or passing kidney stones.
I used to get this quite regularly.It does hurt like hell, and it does when you pee. But lately I've been getting aches in my bottom right corner of my back,and have the same symptoms as kidney stones.I've noticed that sometimwes when I've been getting these pains in my back,I can feel the pain travelling around my body to my belly button area, and giving me a same type of pain to what you folks are saying.

I told my doctor and he didn't really know.


I could be wrong though.
But I've been getting these belly button pains since I was a child, and all I can advise is make sure you go to the toilet regularly. I say this because everytime this has happened, my bladder has been full and I've not noticed it,and also its always when ive not been for a dump, and not drunk alot too.
I've not had this now for 6 months because I've drank plenty of fluids,made a point of going to the toilet every morning, and moving around alot, making sure I'm not hunched up for long periods of time.
The last time it'd happened to me, I'd been fixing my shed. From 8.00am to 1.00pm I'd been to the the toilet to pee once, and had only 2 cups of coffee, which can dehydrate you anyway.


I'm 18 years old (female).
This has happened to me off and on for my whole life.
I just read all the posts and I just started crying. I never knew anyone experienced this like I did.
All I could ever describe it as was a sharp tearing in my belly button, it feels like my bladder is being ripped open, and it goes down to where I pee.
No one ever knew what I was talking about.
It always seems to happen when I use the bathroom.
Usually when I pee.
It seems to happen if I hunch over as I'm peeing, and tightening the muscles.
The last time I had a major episode of this, several months ago, I was staying over at my grandparents' house.
The morning I got there, I was sitting in the floor, petting the dog. I went to get up, so I put my hands on the floor, and, without thinking, quickly hurled myself up. All I felt was excruciating pain. It felt like something in my belly button ripped, felt like someone just ripped my bladder apart, then I felt pulling in the area where I pee.
I almost screamed.
I had to catch my breath.
I grabbed my stomach, sat back down, and told my grandmother what happened.
(She used to work in a doctor's office)
When I told her what I was feeling, she gave me a horrifed look, and said I could have a hernea. When she explained to me what that was, she said she would get our doctor to see me later that day at her check-up.
As all of you have also said, he just gave me the odd look when I explained it to him.
After I had to go over it several times before he finally stopped asking questions, he told me to undress, put the gown on, and my grandmother would supervize as he checked me out.
He had me lay on my back as he checked my stomach for a hernea, said it seemed like I might have that or, I believe he said something about a urinary infection.
So he checked around that area where I pee, told me to sit up, and we were done.
He prescribed a few days worth of antibiotics for infection, and sent me home.
I can't tell you how much I want to know what this is...
As I know we all do.
I'm just so afraid it's a hernea.
I hear so many stories about what different ones do.
I think next time this happens, I'm just going to tell my parents to take me to the doctor, and if he doesn't do anything different, they're taking me to the hospital.
I'm just so tired of this.


So, I came across this thread after doing a search on "pain behind my belly button"

I'm 34 and have been having these pains since I was a kid. I can't believe how many people experience this when doctors have always told me it's nothing, or maybe gas.

It's not gas!

Someone in an earlier post suggested it had something to do with a combination of too much sugar, dehydration and being hunched over. Coupled with strenuous workouts the guys mention, I think it's a possible a cause for many of us. I've always been worried it's something more, then it goes away. I'm gonna try to watch my hydration levels and sugar intake to see how that affects the pain. I'm definately gonna mention this to my doctor as well as the fact I'vee discovered how prominent this condition is.

Thanks everyone for posting!!!


WOW i just recently came across this thread because i too was wondering what this pain could be though noone seems to have answers but i am glad that i am not alone :-D

For me it comes and goes and it just happens on random days and its not related to my period or pregnancy. The days that it does not happen randomly like today I got it due to triggering it on my own in which i was showering and when i was soaping around my belly button area i acceidently pulled upwards on my belly button then the hook like pain from my belly button to my clitoral area came about and now i can still feel it when i walk.

However i am certain it will go away because it always does. I have asked my mom and friends about it but they have not expeirenced it before and it has not been that long lasting that i would consult a doctor about it But that too it doesnt always come when i pull up on my belly button haha yeah i have expeiremented after it happened the first time but as well sometimes it comes when im not doing anything at all ill just get up and its there.

So i guess this remains a mystery but i would also like to comment on it being a kidney stone or a urinary tract infection , ive been tested for both quite recently and i dont have either so yeah i do not think that is to blame for this. Hopefully someday someone has the right answers i think i will ask my doctor about it on my next visit just to see if shes got anything to say haha :-D


I had this a little bit when I was a kid & it went away for years. I'm male & I'm now nearly 34, I too thought it was just me as no one I tell knows what I'm talking about, it's good to know I'm not the only one.

It's a sharp pain between the belly button & groin, when trying to walk I'm hunched over like I'm 100 years old! I can't even shout it hurts so much.
I get this pain totally random day or night & it can be weeks between each time. I've now noticed a pattern before i get it, after I eat & I'm sitting on the sofa, never when I eat then do some work or something.

A few months ago I noticed that when I went for a pee, the pain went straight after, so now as soon as I get it, I drink about 2 pints of water in about 20 mins then go to the toilet & it goes. So it's usually gone in about an hour & it's such a relief.

So if you haven't tried it already, drink lots & lots then pee, see if it goes.


I think its just one of lifes natural aches and pains like headaches.
They just sometimes happen for no reason. Some people are prone to them and somepeople aren't. Sadly doctors never get these belly button ripping pains.
My girlfriends never had one and neither have my parents, yet my brother has.


Since just about everyone is saying the exact same thing and not answering the question, let me tell you guys what I believe is wrong.

As you know, when you make a sudden movement in your leg, you sometimes get a charlie horse. I believe a muscle strand was pulled from a sudden movement without you realising it. You may not think you have moved too fast or anything like that, but you could have and not relized it.

Now, people like I are having this problem at this very second and would love to know how to get rid of this pain...

But I can't tell you how... Time is the only thing that will rid it... That I know of.

If anyone has had experience with this and knows how to get rid of the pain, please speak the heck up.



Ok, so I just posted a reply on this same topic and I want to back up my theory now lol

I remember a long time ago my grandmother told me about the old "rice sock" trick. For those of you who don't know what that is, I'll share it with you... It's really helpful and I just used it and now my pain is gone.

Take a sock (Tube sock is recommended but you can use any) that doesn't have holes in it and put about a cup or two of dry rice in it. Tie the so that the rice won't come out. Put it in the microwave for a minute. (No, it won't catch fire. I promise you.)

Take it out and place the hot rice sock on your belly button area verticly so that the sock is covering the top of your belly botton, your belly button, and below the belly botton. Keep the sock there after 5 minutes begin the stretch little by little and you will notice the pain is gone. You can stretch back further the longer you leave it. It took my like 7 minutes and I'm fully better now lol

I hope you all enjoy this advice...

Also, being that it's heat that made the pain go away, it is a muscle that was pulled in your adominal area.


Im another one with the same issue a "string" attaching my BB to my clit, stretching only makes it worse - 27, female, 2 kids

Ive had the pain since having my first child 10 years ago (not a c section, so I dont have scar tissue). Its 3-5 times a year. I was always told it was UTI, until my recent 2nd pregnancy when they tested me 3 times (at my request) and swore it wasnt a UTI! So after delivering my child I went to a specialist who did a CT scan. Nothing came back, so he said to go back to my obgyn. Thats my next step. I was told it could be endometriosis (didnt think you could get pregnant if you had it though (ive been prego 3 times, 1 miscarry)

The yeast suggestions fits me, I take in way too much sugar, and dont take care of myself. I am going to give it a try (not just for this pain, but my overall health!)

Thanks all for your posts, it is good to know were not the only ones!


hey frnds.... nice to see your people posts about belly button sharp pain... i am also facing the same problem from the last 6 yrs.... i cant stand straight, cant walk i have to bend my self when one of you mentioned (walking like 100 yrs old man).....

but i have a question why its time period increases... means at the begaining when i felt that sharp pain in belly buttion it lasts for about 5 to 10 min.. but now when the pain arise it lasts for about 3 to 4 hrs....

can you people tell me about this... or you people are facing the same thing which i am facing....

waiting for your reply....


Hey guys i thought i would add my experience to this thread because similar sites helped me out. I am a 30 yr old male living in the UK. Since i was about 18 i had this sudden painfull reaction if i suddenly stood up. The pain started just behind my belly button and headed way down! just as people have described like having a string attached.

I used to be a mechanic back then and one day i was lifting a wheel back up to waist height and i nearly dropped it, the pain was so intense, i had to hunch myself over to lesson the pain. It also gave me the feeling of needed to pee but when i did it brought the pain straight back again. After this first "event" it used to flair up about once a month-normally with exertion. I should add at this point taking 2 nurofen tabs normally got rid of the stabbing pain within 10 minutes or so and then about 3-4 hours later i was normalish.

i went to the doctor and described all of this to him. I noticed that it was always worse if my bladder was over 3/4 full, ie the pain was more likely to strike. He did a quick exam on my belly but said i was fine, i said that you can push now all over and it won't hurt because it's not flaired up.

Anyway they sent me to a urologist who did all sorts of tests and said i was fine, i insisted on more so they put a camera in me to look at the inside of my bladder-again all fine. Told me the pain was in my head!!!!

Anyway left that job and managed the occasional flair ups with nurofen which was happening about 8 or 9 months at a time. Anyway after lots of reading on the net and trying to match symptoms i stubbled across people with exactly the same problem and i decided to try and do something more about it 10 years on.

I went to work and discussed the possibility of me having an unbilical hernia. There was no lump when coughing but everything else matched. It now occurred worse if both my bowel and bladder was full. I managed to go private and had a consultation with a surgeon who was only about 65% convinced i had a hernia. Anyway two weeks later i was on the table. Coming out of the aneastetic i remember asking the surgeon did he find anything and he said YES.

There was a tiny tear in the muscle layer directly under my belly button, he had to remove it first to see:). In recovery as the pain killers wore off i was obviously in very bad pain but the pain was identical to the pain attached to my "string" so i guess he was in the right area.

Prior to surgery i was going for a wee about 18 times a day. It became a habit because i associated the full bladder with making the pain worse. I used to get up twice during the night to pee as well. You can imagine how this impacted on my life.

After i recovered and the scar tissue healed i improved dramatically. I have never had the sharp stopping pain i had before. I only go to the loo about 8 times in 24 hrs now and rarely ever get up in the night now.

I do still occasionally get sore about 2" to the left of my belly button but emptying my bowel helps, i think this is to with having a touch of IBS which radiates near belly button.

All i can say is if you have the sharp pain "string" like then don't be afraid to ask the doc about an unbilical hernia. It was so worth it. I was in hospital for about 6 hrs, half an hour on the table and off work for 4 weeks but felt ok again after 3 days. Everyone has a weakness behind your belly button because it basically used to be a hole where the cord attached. If you stretch a lot or over exert yourself then you will tear it even slightly like me. I hope this helps. Good luck!


Oh my gosh, I have been experiencing this exact same thing for YEARS, since I was maybe 12. I'm 16 now and I just had this happen again two days ago, and the pain was the most severe it has ever been. It was completely random, I was sitting down in a funeral and when I stood up I had to hunch over and hobble to the bathroom. I tried to pee but it hurt really bad, and my mom came in and found me and had no idea what I was talking about when I explained it. I had to go home and lay down on my side and sleep for about 4 hours before it went away.
And it is exactly like a pulling pain, I can't stand up straight, walk, take deep breaths, cry, talk loud, etc.


I'm a girl and have not yet got my period. I am 13. It feels just how most people were saying it felt. It hurts but people I talk to think i'm crazy.... BUT my dad (48)also experiences the same kind of pain and also my sister(28 ), it gets bad when we pee. My mom brought up a good conclusion, she had an penicullectomy which is an abdominal surgery about 4 yr.s ago (had 400 stitches). She has been going to physical therapy for about 2 yr.s and has had some deep tissue messages around there to seperate the fasha from the muscle tissue that attached during the healing process. Her theory is that during the healing process of the belly button the same thing happens, fasha attaches to muscle tissue.That could explaine the tearing and burning feelings, during
If her theory is correct there is nothing you or anyone eles can do about this pain if we are correct. Sorry, BELIEVE ME, I WISH THERE WAS!!! But maby it can make you feel alittle better about it.

thanks for reading