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Can I use white vinegar with epsom salt and baby oil?

So in one of your articles you guys spoke of using Epsom salt,letting it dry then rub down with baby oil and rinse with dishwashing liquid ,then apply apple cider vinegar I'm asking can I use white vinegar instead

by User avatar felix1122

Does anybody have experience with Isagenix???

Answered by a doctor

I found a site claiming there is a program, Isagenix, that allows people to lose up to 15 pounds in 9 days. Does anybody have experience with this? Is it possible? Have you kept the weight off after the 9 days? **edited by moderator**

by User avatar angelinadavid58345

Ways to lose your body weight at home without exercise

Losing body weight is targets for many of us these days. The unbalance food habits, lack of exercise, less aware about the nutrition and diets, over-consumption and less consumption of certain foods hinder the fit and fine body and push ourselves to gain more weight which becomes the problem for...

by User avatar Guest

What are the main principles of The Hiller Method for losing weight?

Hi.I really want to lose weight because I don’t feel very well lately. I am pretty sure that the reason for that is my obesity. I am working almost all day and I don’t have time to exercise or just run. I can’t remember last time I went somewhere without my car. Also, I eat just fast food at...

by User avatar Julietteee344976

FAQs: Michael Thurmond's Six Week Body Makeover

Answered by a doctor

This is what Michael Thurmond says about his Six Week Body Makeover: Before receiving the plan you need to make an appointment or fill out the nutritional analysis questionnaire in order to be assessed for your body type and your body “blueprint” in order to receive an individualized eating and...

by User avatar Jenny3481


Answered by a doctor

I did do the 30 day - well I started it. I am a healthy 40 yr old. I eat well, I do a normal amount of junk. I excersize daily. I tried the 30 day just to maybe feel better and cleanse and lose 5 pounds. I did the 1st 4 days. I was tired beyond belief, groggy and just spacey. On the 5th day...

by User avatar feelinggood89694

cybergenics diet

Answered by a doctor

Hello! Did anyone try cybergenics diet? What is this diet like? Thanks for any info!

by User avatar roxanna780

Has anyone here ever done the ITG diet and have reviews?

Answered by a doctor

Hello all. I am planning to start following ITG diet. When I first heard of it, it reminded me of Ideal Protein diet ( which I also followed back in 2013). Based on proteins, healthy, not a low calorie diet and not too restrictive. I loved it. That is why I decided to see if it will help me lose my...

by User avatar Mad_Hatter341089

what is the average weight for a 5'6 15 year old girl?

Answered by a doctor

Hi. ive just turned 15, im 5'6 and abit (166 cm) and i weigh 65 kilos (143 lbs). is this average or am i overweight? its just i have my formal coming up and id like to feel good with myself. i just need to figure out whether to lose weight so i can look pretty in a new dress with out any lumpy...

by User avatar Guest

I started Chewing & Spitting Food because whatever I eat I get sick. I'm always bloated

Help I hope Someone sees this it's about Chewing & Spitting your food, I Pray someone sees this! HELP! First off I started C&S about 4 months ago but ONLY because I have become sick & I cant eat things or exercise like i use to be able to. I am lucky to have 500 cal a day , it seems no...

by User avatar NeedHelp