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Hi! So I am 14 and I weigh 119 pounds (more or less) and I'm 5ft....sooo I feel really really fat :/  Here's the thing, I've been dealing with EDNOS for 3 years now, and my current weight is my "heathy weight/weight restored' but I just really don't know what to do! Plz help! 

by User avatar Jenn

Has anyone here ever done the ITG diet and have reviews?

Answered by a doctor

Hello all. I am planning to start following ITG diet. When I first heard of it, it reminded me of Ideal Protein diet ( which I also followed back in 2013). Based on proteins, healthy, not a low calorie diet and not too restrictive. I loved it. That is why I decided to see if it will help me lose my...

by User avatar Mad_Hatter341089

Does anybody have experience with Isagenix???

Answered by a doctor

I found a site claiming there is a program, Isagenix, that allows people to lose up to 15 pounds in 9 days. Does anybody have experience with this? Is it possible? Have you kept the weight off after the 9 days? **edited by moderator**

by User avatar angelinadavid58345

metaslim side effects

Answered by a doctor

can anyone tell me what the side effects of using METASLIM WEIGHT REDUCTION FORMULA PILLS are?

by User avatar sunnyplc

dr. cohen's 1st personal diet

Answered by a doctor

has anyone tried this diet?

by User avatar Guest

what is the average weight for a 5'6 15 year old girl?

Answered by a doctor

Hi. ive just turned 15, im 5'6 and abit (166 cm) and i weigh 65 kilos (143 lbs). is this average or am i overweight? its just i have my formal coming up and id like to feel good with myself. i just need to figure out whether to lose weight so i can look pretty in a new dress with out any lumpy...

by User avatar Guest

How lose belly fat

Best way to lose belly fat

by User avatar Guest

Just binged over 800 calories. how can I burn that off?

So ive been trying ( and succeeding) to lose weight. today I binged on 853 calories. the total I ate today was 1053 how can I burn this off fast PLEASE HELP I'm already getting anxiety imagining the fat that ill be covered in if I dont

by User avatar ELLIE333333333

I need tips how to lose 20 lbs

I am 15 and weigh 161 pounds and am 5”5 the only thing is that I am 36ddd. I know that I could stand to loose 20 lbs but I just needs some tips on how to get there!

by User avatar Guest

Anyone had success with somersizing diet plan?

Answered by a doctor

Hello guys, anyone here somersizing? Anyone had success with somersizing diet plan? My sister and her husband did this a few years ago, and both of them had nice success. But I guess this diet is not that popular anymore. I think that Atkins diet is at the top right now. I think that Suzanne...

by User avatar Willma326933