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I need a prism diet phase 1 – anyone here with the guidelines? I know that I can find these guidelines in this amazing book, but unfortunately, I don't have it. :( I am considering that the prism program might be for me, totally! Of course, you have to be committed to it and let the program take you where you really want to go. But, you need some guidelines to do that, and I don't have any of it.

If you love this diet just like I do, inform me, so we can try to find this book and some guidelines together.  


Hi darling,

I have heard about this diet a few days ago. I think it is really hard to find this book and guidelines as well. My friend told me yesterday that she was following this diet when she was 19. She had some guidelines, and she told me that she will try to find it.

So, you can be sure that I will tell you all these guidelines when she finds her notebooks. I really want to help you, because I can see how much you are into this diet :)

Good luck and I hope you will have your guidelines tonight :)