I'm 1 yr post op lumbar l4-l5 fusion (work comp surgeon), but the pain never subsided and I now have meralgia paresthetica of the thigh. My surgeon ordered an MRI and in his report he said "There is questionable enlargement of the nnerve root on the left side L4-L5". He told me that there was nothing more that he could do for me and that I should just go to pain management. I went to my private insurance carrier and the Neurosurgeon ordered a CT scan. The CT report states "incomplete osseous fusion of the posterolateral fusion construct but please correlate with clinical history and symptoms of pseudoarthrosis. I'm still in constant pain that gets worse with activitiy and with sitting and lying down. Lying down causes the worst symptoms and causes sleep deprivation. Another thing on the CT scan states, "7mm low attenuating lesion withhin the left adrenal gland, which may reflect a lipid rich adenoma." Could the adrenal gland lesion be causing the pain? Can you get an adrenal gland lesion from surgeries? I had Cervical What does that mean? Do I need to have the surgery again?