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Hello all, 

I am 25 years old and scheduled for an operation next week Wednesday, 12-19-2012. This will consist of an L4-L5 Laminectomy, L4-S1 Instrumented Fusion, and a TLIF at L4-L5.  I have completed 7 weeks of PT, 2x a week with zero pain/tingling/numbness relief and was referred to a local neurosciences center.  My MRI was completed last week and my consultation at the neurosciences center was yesterday. This gives me 8 days between my MRI being seen and the operation. I was just fitted for and given my corset brace today. 6 days and counting... Has anyone been so lucky to have had this same procedure? If so, would you happen to have any words of wisdom for post-op life?  I would really love to hear some amazing recovery stories if they're out there. :-)  Thanks!


Hi there, I had an operation in May last year on the 17th and I thought it would be very helpful. I had a decompression and fusion for my L4/5. Yesterday I had an MRI scan. The report says there is straightening of the normal lumbar lordosis. Previous posterior laminectormy and instrumented fusion at L4/5 is noted, with bilateral pedicle screws insitu and an intervertebral disc spacer device present (new compared with the previous MRI from the 8/12/2011).


The central canal of the lumbar spine is congenitally narrow due to short pedicles. The distal spinal cord is of normal signal and morphology.

No posterior disc protusion or neural compressive abnormality is identified from T11/12 to L2/3. At L3/4, just above the previous level of surgery there is a shallow broad based disc bulge and there is ligamentum flavum thickening and facet joint arthrosis. With short pedicles and prominent posterior epidural fat there is mild narrowing of the central canal, slightly increased from previous, with bunching of the cauda equina nerve roots. The L3 nerves exit freely.

At L4/5 where there has been previous surgery the central canal and foramina are adequate.

At L5/S1 there is a minimal broad based disc bulge which contacts the traversing left S1 nerve root, not displaced or compressed. The L5 nerves exit freely and there is mild facet joint arthosis.

COnclusion: There is mild central narrowing above the level of previous surgery at L3/4, although no further area of high grade neural compromise is seen. Facet joint arthrosis changes are present within the lumbar spine, potentially accounting for pain, and if appropriate a CT guided injection could be performed.


Well, I had this lower back injury since the 19th of April 2011, before an operation I was so suffered, and I am still suffering for the chronic pain and severe pain in everyday life. I am still taking lyrica for the pain but it doesn't work much, it only takes away my mind from the pain but the pain is still there. last week I admitted in the hospital for emergency as I was having infection with kidneys, liver, colon as the doctor said, it must have been causing from the lyrica or something I ate. I am sure it must be from the lyrica as this is the strongest pain killer. I wish I did not have an operation as I thought it would have been cured everything. The worst thing was that I admitted three times due to the severe pain sometimes and short of breath.

Hopefully you are well. Thank you for sharing

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