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My name is Christina Woods and I am a sufferer of Social Anxiety Disorder AND "shy bowel." I am trying to gather research on this problem and I am hoping you will take just 5 minutes of your time to complete my survey. Thank you so much from all of your fellow problem poopers!




To prospective survey participants, Purpose of the study: This study is being conducted by Christina Woods, a student in the Psychology Department at Walden University, in order to better understand shy bowel. This research may help current sufferers of shy bowel to better understand who may be at increased risk of shy bowel. I plan to make the results of this study available on the website Shybowel.com based on the data provided by survey respondents such as yourself. Description of the survey procedures and approximate duration of the study: I would greatly appreciate your completing the following survey questions. Since the validity of the results depend on obtaining a high response rate, your participation is crucial to the success of this study. Survey questions will include collection of your demographic data, a few anxiety related questions and a set of questions regarding bowel difficulties. This process will likely take the average respondent approximately 5 to 15 minutes to complete. How confidentiality will be assured and the limits to these assurances, if any: Your participation indicates your consent to participate in this study. Please be assured that your responses will be held in the strictest confidence, and your data will be completely anonymous. Your data will be saved as a set of information, but no personally identifying information will be collected such as name, birthday, address, etc. As soon as you submit your responses you will receive a confirmation that your completed survey has been received. All data will be stored electronically for five years and then securely destroyed. The results of this study may be published, but again no identifying information has been collected and therefore no identifying information could be used. Anticipated benefits resulting from this study: The potential benefits to you from participating in the study are indirect. The study may be helpful to you in the future as it is the hope of this researcher that this study will foster additional research which may result in more consistent identification and accurate diagnosis of individuals with shy bowel disorder. This study may also help facilitate publication of effective treatment strategies that will reduce healthcare costs.The potential benefits to science and humanity that may result from this study are to encourage further research of Parcopresis and to help sufferers as well as treatment providers to alleviate the symptoms associated with shy bowel and restore functionality to a satisfactory level. This study will provide information to professional researchers to help them recognize that there is a complete lack of research for shy bowel. You will not receive any personal feedback from your survey responses since the study is anonymous, but you will have the opportunity to read the results of the study on Shybowel.com. Potential Negative Effects The potentially negative effects for participants include some minor embarrassment or discomfort answering personal questions pertaining to their bowel habits. Contact information: If you have any questions about this study, you can contact the person(s) below:Christina Woods - Principal Investigator Mitchell Hicks, Ph.D.Walden University Department/SchoolClinical Psychology Clinical Psychology155 Fifth Ave S. 155 Fifth Ave S. Minneapolis, MN, 55401 Minneapolis, MN, 55401 _[removed]_ _[removed]_ This study will be reviewed and approved by Walden University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). The IRB will determine that this study meets the ethical obligations required by federal law and University policies. If you have questions or concerns regarding this study please contact the Investigator or Advisor. If you have any questions regarding your rights as a research subject, please contact Christina Woods via email. I hope that you choose to participate in this study. Sincerely,Christina WoodsClinical Psychology