Hello sir im pankaj  working in a company. i was a good student (kind a bookworm)from my school's time.Once a day i was studying sm thing then i got distracted  and develop sm fear in my mind that i will lost my parents...or smthng like tht which i dont want (nt exactly remberer).So frm that day whenever i studied i found the same problem....ok this problem made me very depressed....i dont knw wtz gng...but ok anyhow i cleared my exam( 'cus i studied too much before this problem occur).

After all this year after year my problem never stopped but it changed its way.whenevr i took a book  for study... i got distracted but this time i forgot the fear of my parents...but my mind looses my concentration .At that time the only way for study in a better way i found was to study with my friend..But in alone i faced the same problem.i only study with Computer.It was so bad that that till now i was not able to read a english newspaper continuously. At present time whenevr i studied my left brain wander. My left eye see something and distract me do something. even now it is not limited with my study but also with my daily routine...this is such a big problem....i dont think it will over completely...but i guess u will give me your gud suggestion to reduce this problem.