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My name is Lyndsay Foster and I am a clinical psychology graduate student at the University of New Brunswick. I am conducting a study on how being diagnosed with a STI impacts sexuality and sexual well-being. I am interested in comparing the sexual well-being of men and women who have been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection (STI or STD) to those who have not had a STI. I am looking for adult women and men who are the age of majority in their country (e.g., 18 or over if living in Canada; 21 or over in other countries) to participate. If you participate in the study, you will be asked about your sexual experiences, sexual health, and sexual attitudes.

The survey takes approximately 10 to 25 minutes to complete and you will have an opportunity to win a VISA Gift Cards worth $50 (CDN)! Chances are approximately 1 in 114 of winning for the first 340 participants!!

If you would like to participate or would like more details, please go to this website or click on this link:

UNBF REB#2010-73


Ok so maybe you can help me... I have only had sex once and the day after intercorse is the day I started seeing these pimples or spots. So about four days later I went to the doctor he examined me and said either ingrowns or warts. My doctor however never let me finish telling him that I saw these a day after intercourse. He sent me for testing and everything came back negative for things like HIV, Herpies etc. But recently when i squeezed them a white curdy/pus tail would pop up and I could take this stuff and kinda role in around on my finger to make it kinda stringy. Im going to the doctor tommorow again just wanted to get a second opinion before what do you guys think?, I hope its not HPV.