Dear forum-members,

We would like to invite you to participate in an online survey conducted by the University of Amsterdam . Our aim is to examine how people experience social situations and interpersonal relationships. We are particularly interested in finding out how the experience of social situations is related to traumatic or distressing events people have encountered in their lives. However, we also invite people who have never had a traumatic experience to participate as their information will also be very valuable for us.

This link will lead you to the survey:
There you can also find more information about the study and its purposes.

Participation includes filling in an anonymous questionnaire. All your data will be treated as strictly confidential. You will NOT be asked to provide information that could be used to identify you. Moreover, you can leave the survey at any time without giving reasons. Note, however, that we can use your answers for this research only if you complete the survey.
We expect the results of this study to help us improve treatment for people who find it difficult to deal with traumatic life events.