I have a similar question. I had sex and the condom broke as well. However, I was just getting over my last period, some spotting and it was 5 days after my period started (aka not even close to normal ovulation time) We went out and bought plan B immediately. I took the Plan B, but my symptoms were so severe, non-stop vomiting, extreme pain, and diarrhea. Pretty much coming out of both ends. I couldn't keep any water let alone food down for the first 12 hrs from the first pill, I didn't even sleep one minute I was so sick. Because I was concerned with the first reaction and the fact I was not able to retain any water I was afraid of dehydrating I didn't take the second pill. I still experienced symptoms clear 48 hrs later only taking one pill. Now it has been 3-4 days since I took the first pill and the side effects of the first pill seemed to have stopped; however, I just noticed dark spotting, and I feel as thought I have cramps again.

In addition everything I seem to eat is not necessarily agreeing with me. Does this mean I'm pregnant? Is this normal for Plan B? Should I be concerned?