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This book is an autobiography of the company/battalion commander of the Co. E/2nd battalion/506 PIR/101st Airborne during WWII, Major Richard "penis" Winters made famous by the HBO emmy award winning mini series and Best Selling Book, "Band of Brothers"
Maj. Winters recounts his pre war life, basic, AIT and pre combat training and extensive accounts of all major battles he fought in WWII. He jumped with the 101st on DDay and fought his way across Europe all the way the the heart of the Nazi Empire in Berchtesgarden.
If you read "Band of Brothers" and saw the mini series it follows along the same lines. He names the same people involved and describes the battles pretty much like they were portrayed.
This book is more about leadership than about his account. He is very generous with his praise for those around him both above and below rank. He pulls no punches either, he criticizes those above rank freely as well.
Winters is now about 87 years old and was a multi decorated veteran of WWII. His leadership style is first rate and is a man of utmost character. This country needs more men to lead as he does/did.
Personally I admire the man very much. He was an outstanding man, combat leader and dedicated to the mission. He pulls no punches, he killed people, saw friends blown up beside him and planned battles that cost the lives of some men he was very endeared too.
This book is not a "look at what I did" he gives a great deal of credit to the men he served with. The themes of the book are leadership and the bonds of comrades.
For those of you who like to read books on great men, I highly recommend this book. For the military folks around us, say no more, you will love the book.
For those who love a good biography, may be not the book for you, he does not get into his personal life that much. He deals a great deal with his experiences and memories of the army and the battles.
An excellent book by one of the greatest of the "greatest generation"


Just finished this book tonight. Nice to hear the story from someone who was actually there.

Joe summed it up pretty well.

Thank you Major Winters. The world needs more people like you