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from the Pulitizer prize winner author David McCullough, he writes about one of the most criticial years not only in US history but likely world history.

This book chronicles the year of the revolution and it is based a great deal of the writings of the major players invovled, Hancock, Washington, Knox, Greene, Cornwalis, Lord Howe and many of soliders.

It gives a much different perspective of the war than the "fluffed up" version we all read about in elementary school.

The US was very close to actually losing the war. GW made a great deal of mistakes both logistically and militarily in the year, but he also had a great deal of luck through Providence and good fortune.

McCullough presents the war from both sides, from the over confident much more powerful British/Hessian Military to the weak, under fed, poorly trained, poorly equiped, ineptly led (at times) US troops. It is an interesting comparision and contrast of the two cultures.

McCullough gives high praise of Colonel/General Henry Knox as the one man who militarily keeps it all together.

Nathaniel Green, a trusted leader and confidant of GW is also given high praise.

This book is a bit tough to read sometimes because of the 1700's prose used from the writings McCullough cites.
Overall this book is excellent in its presentation in the real struggle what the heroes of the past actually had endured. I recommend it especially to military history/history buffs but also to the general reader. DM is not too caught up in terminiolgy of war that some authors write with.

Well done. It is no wonder DM won pultizer prizes. He is a gifted writer




How does it compliment his biography of John Adams (which I thought was very good) ?