Hanson has been billed as the new Stephen Ambrose of the Military History genre. VDH, a college professor and well known conservative political writer authors a book depicting three major battles in history and the lasting historical impact they had.

1) Okinawa in WW II. Where suicide tactics were used by an enemy and the attacker was numerically, technologically and militarily superior. A really senseless battle that showed both sides that more deaths were sure to come if an invasion was to occur on the Japan millions would likely die. VDH's uncle died in the battle so there was a theme of wondering why and how his uncle died.

2) Shiloh in the Civil war-Made Generals Sherman and Grant. Destroyed the reputation of General Jonhston, created the reputation of Nathan Bedford Forrest and the author of the play, musical, hollywood blockbuster movie "Ben Hur" Lew Wallace. Four men drastically changed by a few hours in 1862.

3) The third is a battle I never heard of, The Battle of Delium in 424 BC, where Socrates the philosopher was one of the lone survivors and Hippocrates the great physician was killed. It is a ripple because of the idea of modern warfare was started here and the great affect of Socrates living had on western thought.

He gives interesting premises and I really enjoyed this book. Not for those who do not love military tactics and theory. Each of the sections is quite long and incredibly detailed.

Should be a good read otherwise.