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So my last period was on the 26th of November . and we had sex on the 27th unprotected.

*At the time : He did not ejaculate inside me nor he ejaculated within the past few days.

I had AF symptoms which were the usual pimples popping out/sore boobs. But AF has not come yet , I feel normal as usual.This month I was stressed out because of exams and my relationship. **So could stress be the cause of delayed AF?**

Also I have started eating pills to control my allergies (ATARAX and Certerizine).

My cycles have been pretty irregular as I can start my period on the 23rd day or the 33rd day.

I'm taking the test tomorrow. I know that precum can contain semen and I know it was a stupid mistake that both of us made.


Sure it can, stress is one of the most common delayed cycle causes for many reasons.

A big or smaller scary event in your life can cause hypothalamic amenorrhea. It happens because there is one particular area of the brain, called hypothalamus (I believe that you already know this). Well, that is the place is where a lot of the hormones for your period are regulated and hypothalamus is very affected by stress.

So, yes. It can affect your period as well. To be late, to come more frequent - even two times per month, etc.

Find way to get rid of that stress or go to visit someone who is an expert.




Take a test to make it true just be careful next rime