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if anyone could help me id b very much appreciated

last time i had a period was the 26th of january..
me & my friend had sex a day or 2 right before i was gonna start
in february..we did it at like 3am or close to it on the 25th of february..& still yet i havent was unprotected & he said he didnt ejaculate nor was he close...we didnt do it but for only like 5 minutes

everytime i have sex im delayed on my period for like a week or a lil only 16 & scared to death...i have been thru this problem before with my mom 2 times...& i turned out to b NOT pregnant...i dont know if i can handle the disappoint from my mom again or not....but this time it really may be serious

do u think that since i done it so close to my period it could b delayed longer than expected or wat?

has anyone had this problem before? if so please respond back...


Have you been to your obgyn about this?? Stress can also lead to delayed or missed periods..If you are not wanting to become pregnant you can go to your local planend parenthood and they can help you decide on what type of birth control would be good for you....


hey there my 18 year old girlfriend is suffering from the same problem.Actually we do it quite frequently.And we even took a test to check for pregnancy which proved negative.Were looking to take another test soon.if both tests show negative is it 100% sure that there i9s absence of pregnancy! This is a relly big issue to us as dealing with pregnancy will affect us very much! help!!!