I am charting my BBT since the 8th of Feb (first day of AF was 6th). Since then there hasn't been a real shift in the temps. Am on CD23. I have always had irrgular cycles 33-37days.

8-9th - 36.7 10th - 35.9 11th - 36.1 12th- 36.2 13th- 36.5 14th- 36.4 15-16th- 36.3 17th- 36.4 18th- 36.1 19-20th- 36.2 21st- 36.3 22nd- 36.4 23rd-25th- 36.5 26th- 36.2 27th- 36.4 28th- 36.5

CM is also not really an indication as I have had less CM since last two cycles. There was creamy CM till about 22-23rd thereafter I have not noticed any major CM signs. I have been having light cramps since 23rd/24th - left lower abdomen. I had a D&C in Oct 07.

Is there something I should worry about. Am I/ will ovulate even though there are no CM signs now. I seem to be almost dry now. I will be grateful for any help. I am wanting to get preg...
Thank you! Tina