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Okay! I know this is the question that runs through almost every girl's head when their period is delayed, but I need some reassurance...

Lemme give you the scoop:
My boyfriend and I first had protected sex a few weeks ago on the 27th of, but it can't really be considered as "sex" because I chickened out from the pain and asked him to stop when he was like, not even two inches in.
During the duration of time between then and about.. last Saturday, I had been crying a ton because of stress and relationship problems that didn't really need to be cried over. Either way, I still cried and stressed nonstop until Sunday morning when things miraculously got better.

Now, we had sex again on Friday, the second of this month. That's mostly where I'm starting to worry.
My period was supposed to come yesterday, but I was like, "Maybe since I've been so stressed, I'll get it tomorrow?" But nope, I'm still waiting.
On Friday, he accidentally put the first half inch of the condom on, inside-out. So he fixed it, but that's where I began to freak out and asked him to atleast get another clean condom so I wouldn't have to worry. My boyfriend is pretty good about searching into this type of stuff, and he'd never risk anything if it was this dangerous. So he reassures me that nothing was wrong, and I semi-believe him. There wasn't any kind of fluid involved at all. He wasn't stimulated with foreplay, so there wasn't any pre-cum when he was putting the condom on. He said so, and I'm pretty sure every guy knows when they do or don't have any pre-cum in the first place. We never "finished" having sex, because my mom called the house phone and ruined the mood lol.

So! It's day one of my missed period, and I'm wondering if I'm starting to worry for no apparent reason. Did having sex somehow alter my cycle by a few days, added on with the stupid amounts of stress and crying I had been dealing with before? I'm going to get a home pregnancy test this weekend when I'm going out with my boyfriend, but until then I'm just a little worried. And I know this stress isn't helping it much at all.

I read that it does happen with a lot of girls, and having sex does alter their cycle by a few days or so.
But I just need some reassurance.
Since there wasn't any fluid at all involved when he put the condom on wrong, am I safe? I wasn't in my ovulation period, because this happened just a few days before the expected starting date.

I'm bloated, have an increased appetite, sometimes have little cramps down there, but no tenderness, no breaking out, and no mood swings. I'm always tired, so that doesn't help at all lol.

What do you think? Please help :-(


27th of March, sorry*


I do think your fine, the only thing that would bother me as well was the condom mishap. Precum only contains sperm if he has ejaculated before and did not go pee. If the condom did not break while intercourse I don't see any problems.

I think your just stressing out, if it bothers you to much go take a pregnancy test and put your mind at ease. you always have a choice!



I agree. I believe that you are nor pregnant. Delayed cycle causes are different and there are a lot of them. I agree with one fact - I think that there is nothing wrong with you, I also believe that you are not pregnant, but just to be sure, do your blood test as well.

Anyway, you are stressed out so much about this whole situation, and I think that stress is the main reason why your period is late. 

Try to stay calm, try to focus on certain things and I am sure that very soon your period will come. Also, if you are following some diet program, stop with it.