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So I was talking with a friend of mine who has diabetes like me and I told her that I was taking Metformin.  She said she takes SR Metformin and I asked her what it was because mine doesn't say SR.  She showed me the bottle of the prescription and sure enough it says SR Metformin.  Does anyone know what the SR is in this prescription Metformin?  Is it something that is new on the market?  I wonder if I should be taking it too? 

She doesn't seem to get the diarrhea like I do with Metformin.  If that is the reason, I want to start taking it because I don't like some of the other side effects I get with it. 

I hope someone can shed light on this.  I would like to know more about it from other people .  It is hard to know how pills act from reading the list of side effects that are listed on some websites.  It is better to know first hand by other people. 


The difference in Metformin and SR Metformin (or Glucophage-SR), is that the time-release element.  Where you have to take Metformin 3 times a day, with Glucophage-SR, it is taken just once a day.  This is because of the SR Metformin tends to be better on the stomach and gastrointestinal tract, so there should be less diarrhea and stomach upset.  Many patients on Metformin are switched to SR Metformin if there are problems with the regular Metformin where the patients are intolerant to it due to the severe side effects.  Perhaps your friend was switched to SR Metformin because of the side effects she was having.  Are you having any problems on your regular Metformin? If you are having bad effects from it, you can approach your doctor about the SR Metformin and see if you can try it.