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Hi all, I've just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and my doctor wants to put me on metformin. I'm too understand there are several kinds such as regular metformin, metformin SR and metformin XR. Can anyone tell me what the benefits of slow release metformin? Other than the different metformins release into system differently, is there a reason they made different ones. Whatever the case, I want to take the best one. I've heard that metformin can have some serious side effects that can make you very uncomfortable. Does anyone have any info on that. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Hello to you, Yes, there are a number of different metformins. Regular metformin can cause a number of side effects in some people which include stomach pain, nausea and diarrhea which can get severe enough you can't leave the house. The regular metformin is taken before or during meals with eatch meal. The slow release (SR) and extended release (XR) can be taken once or twice daily. If twice daily then you would take it in the morning and in the evening. Once daily you can take it either in the morning or the evening. The slow release and extended release forms are believed to have fewer side effects so they are better tolerated. Since so many people do experience diarrhea, stomach pain and diarrhea on the regular version, my suggestion to you is to take the SR form to begin with. This may still produce some side effects but I think your body has a better chance of getting used to it faster. I had my doctor put me on SR to begin with and I had a rough first week but after that everything was fine. I hope all works well with you and I wish you the best.