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U.S. researchers have found that people who live in neighborhoods packed with fast-food restaurants are more likely to suffer strokes.
Residents of the neighborhoods with a large number of fast-food restaurants have a 13 % higher risk of experiencing a stroke than those who live in neighborhoods with the fewest such restaurants.
There is a true association but it is not clear whether being surrounded by fast food means you eat more of it or that it simply is a sign of an unhealthy neighborhood.

It is important to figure out why these particular communities have higher stroke risks. Is it due to direct fast food consumption of or the lack of more healthy options? Could there be something completely different in these neighborhoods associated with poor health?

Whatever the causes are, the study found the relative stroke risk rose 1 percent for each fast-food restaurant in a neighborhood.

Researchers says that public health experts should consider neighborhoods with a large number of fast-food restaurants as prime areas for stroke prevention and health improvement programs.
Previous studies have linked fast-food restaurants, heart risks and obesity.

The food industry pushes their belief that it is the lack of exercise to blame for increased stroke risks.

Stroke is the No. 3 killer in the United States behind heart disease and cancer. The CDC estimates 780,000 Americans will have strokes this year. Strokes will kill 150,000 people and leave 15 to 30 % of survivors permanently disabled.


I agree that most, but not all, fast foods are probably not good for your health. High saturated fat contents, lack of veggies and fiber are the most likely causes.