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It was already proven by previous studies that lack of Vitamin D can be related to risk from heart attack, stroke. New study is trying to find how can Vitamin D protect people from cardiovascular diseases. Vitamin D is very important for bone health since it helps body to absorb calcium. New studies discovered that it might be beneficial for other things as well such as cardiovascular health.

During the study, researchers investigated levels of Vitamin D in participants. It was discovered that people with low levels of Vitamin D had 60% increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease than those who had higher levels. Study found that the risk was there no matter to other risks such as diabetes, high cholesterol. People who suffer from hypertension and had low levels of Vitamin D had double risk of developing stroke or heart attack than people with normal levels of Vitamin D.

However, scientists say that it’s too early to advise people to take supplements of Vitamin D. It is known that body produces Vitamin D when skin is exposed to sunlight. Lack of Vitamin D is very common in winter time when people do not get much of sunlight. Only small number of food such as salmon is naturally rich with Vitamin D.

It is enough to be exposed to sunlight three times a week for 15 minutes and body will produce necessary amount of Vitamin D. Previous studies suggested that higher amount of Vitamin D can prevent from some types of cancer and multiple sclerosis as well.


Yea i agree vitamin D deficiency can cause many adverse effects to health. Not only vitamin D other vitamins also plays equal importance in our good health....