Study which lasted for about 5 years found that high blood pressure seems to be more difficult to control in winter time than it is in the summer. The reason for that lies in fact that people mostly gain weight in the winter months and lose it in the summer. Also, summer is more likely to be part of the year when people exercise while in winter people eat more salty food and it can lead to high blood pressure.

Study showed same results in every area, with no differences of the climate situation. Result is that high blood pressure and also risk of strokes and heart attacks are higher in the winter than in summer time. Study finds that a reason for that must be more active summer style of life.

Number of factors were considered, including the important fact that cold weather constricts blood vessels. But, most important factor for high blood pressure in winter time is still impact of the climate on people’s lifestyle.

High blood pressure can lead to some serious heart conditions and be cause of stroke, heart attacks and kidney failure. Fortunately, when treated on time it can be controlled with the right medications and healthy lifestyle.