Antipsychotic drug Clozapine, for many people the last shelter, has been linked to the higher risks of developing metabolic syndrome in long-term users.

Metabolic syndrome includes hypertension, abnormal levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, excess body fat and insulin resistance. All of these conditions increase the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

In a study that was conducted, half of the clozapine patients have been found to have some of the metabolic syndrome disorders while the number of people from the controlled group was less than 20%.

People who suffer from metabolic syndrome are at two to three times increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease. This puts clozapine patients in an awkward situation because they have to choose between the benefits of their mental state and potential long-term health impairments.

The most sensible thing to do for the time being is to closely monitor glucose and blood lipid levels, blood pressure and body weight in clozapine patients in order to prevent development of any health problems.