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I am new to these forums and just thaught I would introduce my self.

I am a 28 y/o male from South-Africa (White-male for thos of you who are wondering...apparently some ppl think the whole of Africa is made up of blacks ;-) And no, I am not a racist...).

I am a bit of a "Jack of all trades-master of none" and my medical problems are seemingly following suite...

I do a little bit of Composing (Just recreational...nothing serious),
play PC-Games,
Do 3D renderings on the PC,
Write software name but a few.

Over the current year, I have been diagnosed with several problems which is now becoming more and more apparent and problematic as I am getting older.

March last year, after a serious knee dislocation that left me in a closed-reduction cast for almost two months, the doctors realised that I had Osgood-Schlatters disease as a child, which has left me with:

Bi-Latteral Patella-Alta, Chondromalatia, Osteo-Arthrites and two trick knees that has dislocated more than just a few times.

I have been on anti-depressants since age 20 which now has recently been changed as I have Bipolar-II with rapid-cycling, anxiety etc...

The most recent event in my life, is having been diagnosed with Marfans Syndrome...this happened on Monday (17/03/2008) well as having a hernia (Stomach hernia? Can't remember the medical term), due to the Marfans.

I am currently struggling with my BP-II and getting the whole Marfans situation to sink in...(Still need to see a cardiologist). My knees are under control as I am seeing a Biokinetecist. But I struggle with chronic joint-inflamation, especially in my wrists, due to Hypermobility, Double-Jointed and lax-ligaments (Which is once again, also attributable to Marfans).

So this point I find my self needing a lot of moral, emotional & medical support :$ :'(

But, I am also very happy and willing to help anyone I can by sharing my experience and/or through research :-D

I hope we can all help each other learn more about our-own problems and others so we can help them in turn.

Kind Regards


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Hi Seraph and Welcome to the board!

We have added you to our Supporter Group! Good to have you there!

Jenny spoke so highly of you from reading your posts and I hope you'll have a good time on the board, find some useful info and like you said the most needed support.

If you have any questions, problems or need anything at all you can contact me or Jenny any time.



Seraph welcome to the board of supporters! I enjoy reading and writing posts as well, and of course I too have a medical condition, thats what brought me here to this site. Well talk soon!