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Since this is a new forum, I decided to drop a few lines. It’s been a month since I’ve been off the board, taking care of my little newbie . I just wanted to say that I miss being active on the board and helping around and that I can’t wait to be back.

I also wanted to greet all the new comers and say hello to the old ones! Welcome aboard and enjoy your stay at our little community!

What is that I like so much about the board…… Lets see…..the fact that so many different people take part, share opinions, seek or offer help,……I even sometimes enjoy quarrels although I try not to encourage them but I like to read how opinions and experiences differ.

Nothing makes me happier than when people find their answers or at least find someone who’s been through the same as they have. I know how comforting that is.

My main activities on the board are to watch what’s happening around, who’s posting, what they are posting, where they are posting it and help out with all sorts of stuff. I also participate in the article section, encyclopedia, blogs and try to encourage others to do the same. I think that the articles are great, informative and cover all sorts of different topics.

I also enjoy in communication with others who actively take part like supporters and moderators as well as article writers. I get great help from Billy (admin), My2cent (super-moderator) and Heidi (moderator) on every day’s basis who beside discussions do a lot of great work with the board maintenance and management.
I’m using this opportunity to say how much I enjoy their presence and cooperation. Thanks guys!

I’d like to invite others to share their own Steadyhealth experience with us and tell us what Steady means to them and what attracts and keeps them on the board.

While away from the board, I’m quite active with my one month old son Marco. My experience with pregnancy, delivery and maternity in general will definitely give me more material to talk and help about! Being a mom is a great thing and watching your child progress even greater. I will be definitely blogging about it!!!


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Hey guys,

Like Jenny I would also like to welcome new members and say hello to the old ones!

My name is Billy and like Jenny I'm one of the administrators of SteadyHelath forum. Being administrator is responsible job and I couldn't do it properly without the help of our active members, supporters and of course moderators!

We all do our best in keeping SteadyHealth as a healthy community were people can seek help or give advice to the others! We are encouraging discussions as long as their aim is prosperity and exchange of opinions and experiences!

We would love to hear more from you, tell us what you like about our forum and if you have any suggestions please visit our Suggestion box and tell us your opinion! We appreciate every help!

Let's all try to do our best in keeping this Forum a helpful and plesent place!

Best regards
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Hi both Jenny and Billy!

I'd like to thank you both for your support and all the help you provided to me when I was still learning how to get around the board! You are great admins,....people you could always turn to for ....... anything!

Oh,....and Jenny,....thanks for mentioning me 8-|