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Hello toda i make out with girl for like 1h or 1,5h and it was ok she give me hand job few times but i didn ejaculate i am circumsized so we wear alone and outside near lake we didnt have lube or other stuff i dont know what to do for next time wehe we meet again.Its annoying i didnt cum duno if she know how to handle  circumsized penis.


It may indeed have been inexperience on her part; it might conceivably also be related  to a loss of sensation in the penis, which can happen, especially if a man has had rough handling of his penis (either when masturbating or when engaging in any kind of sexual activity with a partner). This can sometimes result in peripheral nerve damage, which makes the penis less sensitive and may be the reason why you were unable to ejaculate. Using a quality penis nutrient cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) that contains acetyl L carnitine can help restore penis sensitivity, as this neuroprotective ingredient addresses peripheral nerve damage issues. Good luck!