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here are the symptoms: 

- Ejaculate in 10 seconds sometimes like 5 seconds ( not premature ejaculation ) nothing i do can increase the time before orgasm I've tried everything that's just how long i last 

- Orgasm is incredibly short and sometimes i don't even feel it at all ( not very intense ) usually a disappointment

- No pleasure in the tip of the penis and most of the penis i think there's only one real spot where i feel something its right under where the tip connects to the shaft its like a "ring" where i can actually feel something all the way around (tip is not numb i can pinch it and feel pain just no pleasure)

Other Information: 

- normal or above average sex drive: no problems getting aroused at all and still masturbate regularly

- started masturbating around age 10 or younger and I've never been able to last more than 10 seconds

- I cum pretty normally after i orgasm I produce a regular amount of semen to my knowledge 

- penis is around 5.5 inches erect ( just measured thought it was small all my life just finding out its average size) also penis is only an inch without being erect

- 19 years old 

- Other than the short period of sexual activity and not very intense orgasms i don't believe i have any other sexual problems

- I don't feel anything when I drink alcohol except the side effects like drowsiness etc no good feeling really 

- I've tried marijuana a few times and i feel "high" but I don't get pleasure or good feeling that people talk about 

- my guess is an Endorphin problem but I'm not entirely sure whats wrong with me :(



Anyone have any ides where I can get some help please respond!!




Well it sounds like you definitely lack penis sensitivity, if you don’t feel the orgasm at all.  This may come about from penile scarring, which happens frequently; the penis gets injured during an aggressive round of sex (partner or solo) and a thin layer of scar tissue develops, which dulls the sensations you want in your penis when you are ejaculating.  I’d suggest you try using a really good penis nutrient cream  (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil).  Make sure it has ingredients that can help with sensitivity, such as acetyl L carnitine, which is neuroprotective and helps with those scarring issues.