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Ive been on Tramadol for 4 years. 100 mg inthe morning and 50 mg in the early evening. I have been with out Tramadol for 8 whole days and my withdrawal is hell!!!! I can't sleep. I can't be still, pun prick needle feeling everywhere, cold, sweats, emotional, shakes, nausea, diahreaha, and I had a pure panic attack today. I couldn't slow my breathing or the tears that flowed.A complete feeling of helplessness washed over me. I am lucky enough to have a great support system but they can't possibly know what I am going through. I have used Tramadol for back & chest pain due to a work related injury. I went cold turkey because I knew if I tried to taper that I wouldn't do it right, the temptation to continue on as usual would be too strong. I have been taking Loratab for the past few days, half of a 7.5 mg pill in the early evening, this helps with the jitters and allows for just a few hours sleep, but once it wears off I feel like hell all over again. I don't know if it's worth it (taking the loratab, and I have a limited amount) but I am going to count my pills, break them in hlaf and taper off of them to see if I can cope better with the withdrawals. As a teenager I did every drug imaginable and never have I endured anything like this! I don't recommend that anyone take this medecine unless you want to be dependant on it for life or are strong enough to handle the withdrawals. I don't wish this on my worst enemy. Shivering, pin prick goose bumps from head to toe right now. i have read on different sites that going cold turkey with give you more severe withdrawals but symptoms go away faster vs tapering off, which gives you less withdrawal symptoms but longer time coming off of them. I've heard that coming off of it can cause seizures, lets just hope that doesn'thappen. I have reaad the Thomas Recipe, I bought Unisom (otc) to help with sleep, meletonin didn't help at all (40 mg a night!) and I actually slept (fitfully) for a few hours before waking up unable to sleep drenched ina cold sweat. B6 will help with energy and the  nervous system. A cousin of mine is 3 months sober from heroin and said that taking benedryl every 4 hours helped him cope with withdrawals and seretonin (zoloft) is supposed to be good with mental health. I hate replacing one drug for another, they are all just crutches but this is so damn hard I feel like if I don't do something to help with the withdrawal symptoms that I'll lose it and go crazy. My stupid doctor told me that Tramadol was harder to get addicted to, boy was that a lie! And coming off of this wasn't exactly a choice for me, she just decided not to refill my pills anymore. (I still owe $ for a visit with no insurance, I'm paying on it a little at a time but I thought that was really shitty of her to do & I really do think that is the reason she won't refill) I will not be going back to her and the next doctor I go to, I will tell them that I refuse Tramadol, don't even write me a perscription! I'm sorry this is so long but ranting is helping me with the shakes believe it or not!

Walking a little everyday is supposed to help you feel better too but I find just walking from one end of the house to the other is tiring. I walked to the mailbox today and felt like I'd just ran a 30 mile marathon. I rode with my husband to the auto parts store and on the way back home is when I had my panick attack. I've read that all of these symptoms are normal, this is not any kind of normal I;ve ever dealt with! I do want to feel normal again but I'm starting to dount that I am going to make it through without calling my doctor and short of threatening her within an inch of her life for a refill and taper down schedule, but I've been 8 days without it, surely there is alight at teh end of my tunnel and surely I am closing in on it......right? 


Hello there, I see this post is a week old now. Just wondering if you're still checking it and how you're doing? I've come off of tramadol myself. Twice. I have some experience and insight if you're still having troubles. Just let me know!