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How to get rid of anxiety after meth use?

Answered by a doctor

I have one question and I would like some serious answer, without that fooling around please. I am taking meth for three months now. Lately I have problems after each meth use. I have difficulties concentrating, I fear of little things and sometimes I have total panic outbreak that I cant control....

by User avatar gus202264615


Answered by a doctor

to whom it may concern. Anybody suffering through any type of opiate addiction from suboxone to methadone to pills and heroin. There is an all natural over the counter product that can be taken that is cheap and totally prevents and takes away all of the opiate withdrawal. this has been hidden from...

by User avatar Guest

heroin vs. oxycodone

Answered by a doctor

I found out that heroin was synthesized from morphine, which is naturally substance of poppy plants. I know it was used as pain remedy and commercially marketed. But I don’t know why it came, when heroin is highly addictive drug. Isn’t oxycodone used the same way, but maybe is a little bit...

by User avatar Guest

long term effects of Buprenorphine use at low dose for extended period of time?

Does anyone have input regarding the long term affects of Buprenorphine use at low dose for extended period of time as regarding the clear thinking and decision making.  I find it hard to do most anything during the day. I am 60 years old.

by User avatar Diamond Tom

suboxone long-term negative effects

Answered by a doctor

My husband started suboxone in August 2006. He believed that suboxone truly saved his life. However, he was truly acting differently as time went on. He became more impulsive, made bad decisions, and had increased anxiety. Later, I discovered that he was taken Xanax and began drinking heavily....

by User avatar powersj77923

Suboxone Class Action??? $2K dental bill!!

Answered by a doctor

Does anyone else feel this way or know how I can get financial help with my dental expenses. I kinda want to sue this company, but was wondering if enough ppl had a legitimate bill like I have b/c of side effects of the drug. Read below, and reply if u do:I know everything that is typed on the...

by User avatar Megan McBride207199

suboxone withdrawal: how long is this going to last...I'm mi

Answered by a doctor

I took my last dose of suboxone 5 days ago. Symptoms started on day 2...similar to the symptoms that I experienced coming off of Percocet, oxycontin, dilauded, etc, but not as bad. Still, I've missed two days of work, can't sleep, muscles are achy...feels like my bones are growing and my skin is...

by User avatar HK171

could my boyfriend be using suboxone with cocaine or some other white powder?

Answered by a doctor

Ok...this is a long one but I think any of it might be relevant to solve the mystery: My boyfriend has an autoimmune disease, and when he first got sick the doctors didn't know how to help him so they just gave him painkillers, and he ended up addicted to Oxycodone. During that time some of his...

by User avatar concernedgf293968

Swelling, Indegestion and Methadone

Answered by a doctor

Am on a methadone reduction currently daily 80 mls. Have put on alot of weight and developed lumpiness around thighs and buttocks. What is causing this - water retention? Also have GERD very badly. Trying to get off the methadone as this seems to be causing it all? Any suggestions? :-(

by User avatar Sheela

how long does it take to feel normal with suboxen

Answered by a doctor

I just transfered to suboxen, I was taking about 15mg of methadone, and some tramadol and vicodin. Yesterday was my first day with the suboxen and I got pretty sick and my legs feel like they have lead in them. I don't have any cravings which is wierd, but I don't feel all good and energetic like...

by User avatar cmeblu