I’m 28 years old, 158 cm and 51 kg. I am 4 months pregnant. I take a examination at this Monday (16 weeks pregnant) but the blood test result didn’t sound very good:
The 2 figures were abnormal:
AST = 79 (reference range = 0-40 U/L)
ALT = 110 (reference range = 0-65 U/L).

The Hepatitis test were gave negative result and I had the Hepatitis A vaccination 1 years ago.
Just for you to have a complete picture, the other figures were seems completely normal:

TBIL = 8.0 (reference range = 2.0-18 Umol /L)
DBIL=1.5 (reference range = 0-6.0 Umol/L)
TotalProtein = 75.7 (reference range = 64-83 g/L)
Albumin =38.2 (reference range = 34-50 g/L)
TBA =2.3 (reference range = 0-12 umol/L)
blood presure: 98/63
alkaline phosphatase:60,(reference range =35-135 umol/L)

urine albumin:negative
platelet count is also normal.

I also have ultrasonography on Abdomen and it shown the baby is OK.

Is the AST and ALT figures are normal in my stage? Should I take medicine care now. I am confused. So could you please give me some suggestions.