I've never had steroids until four days ago when I recieved two cortisone injections, one in each wrist. That night I felt an irregular heart beat and had trouble sleeping. Over the next few days the heart palpitations became worse and I felt pain and pressure in my chest. Both of my roommates being nursing students decided to check my blood pressure and found it was a bit high. This made me concerned enough to go to an MD Now. My blood pressure was 142/79 the first time and 148/85 about 10 minutes later. My EKG was normal and the doctor told me I had a PVC palpitation which is fairly common and should go away. I mentioned the cortisone injections and he brushed it off saying that it was very unlikely and that side effects are gernerlly only noticed in continuous use of steroid treatment.

The following morning I called my aunt who had been a nurse for 10 years and she told me to go to bethesda emergency center and they would do more extensive tests. So I went to Bethesda and they were again trying to just brush me off after a bp reading of 146/95 saying that it wasn't extremely high or anything to worry about unless it lasted for long periods of time. The doc actually told me I may be developing high blood pressure. I asked him if that was normal over night as my blood pressure is usually 120s/68-70 which it had been prior to the cortisone injections as they had taken my blood pressure during that visit as well. The bethesda doc replied that many people would love to have my blood pressure and that it was most likely just caused by anxiety which is common when people enter an emergency room. Unprofessionalism asside the nurses were great and my blood test, EKG, and chest exray all came back normal. After reading other posts I am wondering why all doctors seem to think it's impossible for cortisone to cause high blood pressure and refuse to prescribe me anything to treat it. It is on the 5th day now with no signs of improving and I am beyond frustrated as i'm sure other posters with bp much higher than mine know the fear of feeling as if you are constantly having a heart attack. The only improvement I had between MD Now and Bethesda was that the palpatations disappeared. I hope you all have better luck with your conditions than I am having.