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I have taken the plan b pill and i had a period, i am now supposed to have a period and all i have are sore breasts and nipples. My period is four days late. I took the plan b twice in a two month period. please help.



You could be pregnant. I mean, Plan B isn't effective a 100% of the time. Plan B can also mess your menstrual cycle up quite a bit, mind you. If you took it really quickly after unprotected sex, like within 24 hours, it's really quite unlikely you're pregnant. (I think something like one in 90 women will get pregnant?)

So, though when you have a missed period, am I pregnant is obviously going to be the next thing you wonder, it is much more likely that taking Plan B twice in a month simply disturbed your hormonal balance. Your periods should come back soon. 

(Of course, you can still take a pregnancy test!)