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So I took the plan B pill on the 21st and today's the 27th. I still have some symptoms such as increased appetite and tender breasts. Except my nipples are white in the middle. What does this mean? I've taken the plan B pill several times before and this never happens to me! I looked up symptoms of the plan B pill online and they mentioned tenderness of the breasts, but nothing about nipple discoloration. Can someone give me some answers please!!??


Hi there

No, nipple discoloration is not a sign of side effects of i-pill. Suggest you visit a doctor and get yourself evaluated. I-Pill should be taken within hours of unprotected sex. Although manufacturers mention a period of 72 hours, in reality efficacy of i-pill diminishes with time. If taken after 48 hours of unprotected sex, the chances of being pregnant are quite high. Need your inputs - how long after unprotected sex you have taken an i-pill? Good luck