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What does Adolf Hitler have to do with abortion rights in the United States today? If you think this is a strange question, you are not the only one.

You'll find out, though. I did, after watching the controversial and award-winning anti-abortion "documentary" by Ray Comfort a movie that can be watched online at

This short film, one that lasts a little more than 30 minutes, shows the pictures of seven young people at the beginning, asking "what changed their minds... in seconds?" When I clicked the link, given to me on an internet forum thread where pro-life activists were discussing abortion education, I knew it was a pro-life documentary but was confused by the footage of Hitler addressing the German people in the 1930s at the start. It didn't take long for me to be shocked by this film, in the first place because Ray Comfort appears on camera with many young Americans who appear not to know who Adolf Hitler was. Some of those who had actually heard of Hitler seem to think he was a communist. But, this is not a movie about the sad short-comings of the American education system, or one to remind us that history is important enough to thoroughly understand, for everyone. It is a movie about abortion.

What does Hitler have to do with abortions women have in the United States, today? Ray Comfort likens the Holocaust to the abortion "epidemic" in America, and compared people not acting to save those in concentration camps to voting for those who support abortion rights.

He first asks a series of young people whether they'd comply if Nazis asked them to drive over a pit with Jewish people who had just been shot, some of whom were still alive, to bury them alive. Many replied they would not, even if it would cost them their own life.

Ray Comfort's conclusion was that these people "value human life". This is the point he starts talking about abortion. When is it OK to, as Comfort puts it, "kill a baby in the womb"? This documentary repulses me. I am pro-life, though anti-state interference in citizens' lives including when it comes to abortion access. Abortion disgusts me, the cheap action of comparing the Holocaust to private individuals in America choosing to have an abortion, for whatever reason, may just disgust me even more.

Ray Comfort, who announces he is Jewish at the beginning of the movie (presumably to make his talk about the Holocaust more impressive), talks about Jesus a lot. He's obviously a fundamentalist Christian. His cheap comparisons are a disgrace. Anyone whose life was affected by the horrors of the Holocaust, in any way at all (and really, that is all of us, including those who have never heard of Hitler), should understand that making comparisons to this event for cheap political purposes is not acceptable, and an insult to those who died at Hitler's hands.

Yes, even if you think abortion is murder, which I do, by the way. Watch this movie, if you are interested in sociology or if you want a quick lesson how on to make semi-effective propaganda. Like any other propaganda, the 180 pro-life movie can be watched for free. In this case, you can go to the website mentioned above and view it for yourself. Make no mistake; this movie is certainly worth watching, and it is highly thought-provoking. Perhaps not in the way the movie maker meant it to be, though.

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