A film by George Butler and Robert Fiore

This DVD was my first look into the world of professional bodybuilding and it provided the opportunity to Arnold Schwarzenegger back when he was a body builder. I only know Arnold from his movies (and now that he is governor), so it was nice to see where he came from. This documentary leads up to the Mr. Olympia competition. Mr. Olympia is the pinnacle of professional bodybuilding. If you can win this, you are the best in the world. At the time of this film, Arnold had won for the previous 5 years and he was trying for his 6th Mr. Olympia title. Also trying to win the title is Lou Ferrigno (who most people know as The Hulk from the television show). Ferrigno is young and is entering his very first Mr. Olympia competition.

It is easy to see why Arnold became such a success. He has a magnetic personality, he is likable, and he already knew how to play the type of mind games (or political games) that would serve him well later in life. In the documentary, Arnold talked about how he would get in the heads of his fellow competitors, no matter if they were better trained or in better shape, he would ultimately win the competition because he psyched them out. He also talked about how some body builders would come up to him and ask for advice, and he would often give them bad advice so that they would not do as well in competition.

It is also impressive to watch these body builders and see just what kind of shape they are in. I think I saw muscles in places that I didn t know there were supposed to be muscles. These are big men, but for the most part, they are not ridiculously muscled. This documentary shows their personalities so that the men are more than just muscle-heads, and it shows their hopes and dreams as they have varying amounts of success and failure. I thought this was a very interesting documentary and a fairly fast moving film. This is good stuff and if the subject (or just Arnold) interests you at all, this is one to check out.