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You do everything the bodybuilding magazines tell you, yet somehow you fail to gain any muscle whatsoever. Gains are slow and progress is virtually non-existent. So what gives?

Every month you make your ritual pilgrimage to the local newspaper store to pick up your copy of the latest muscle building and fitness magazines. Every month they tell you the same things, hammering home what you need to do to build a lean, muscular physique. Every month you follow these guidelines right down to the very last detail.

Every month you stay exactly the same.

What’s happening? It’s not your fault – you’re doing everything right, supposedly, so where are these promised bulging biceps, freaky calves and gigantic chest?

Perhaps what the magazines are telling you isn’t right. There are many common myths perpetuating the bodybuilding industry and magazines thrive on majoring in the minor – picking out the tiny, insignificant details and offering them up as advice. In reality, these myths don’t help you at all. You need a solid muscle building plan and the know-how to tell fact from fiction.

Meal Frequency

You don’t need to eat five, six or seven times a day to build muscle. Sure, most 300 pound pro bodybuilders with five percent bodyfat do eat this many times, or even more perhaps. But they do this because with the amount of calories they need to consume to maintain and build size (usually around 6,000 to 8,000 per day) they need this many feedings, otherwise each meal would be the size of a small child!

If you’re comfortable eating three times a day, stick with it and don’t worry about eating every two or three hours.

You Need to Train One Muscle Group Every Session

This again relates to professional bodybuilders who will dedicate a whole session to their triceps, forearms or traps – tiny muscle groups that for the average person don’t need much stimulation at all to grow.

You need to remember that the guys competing at the Mr Olympia or Arnold Classic have been training for decades and exhausted all the results from conventional weight training programs. They often need a huge amount of volume for every single muscle group which requires super-long sessions. Don’t forget, it’s highly likely they’re on performance-enhancing substances too, which will mean their bodies can cope with the higher volume.

You Can Build Muscle and Burn Fat at the Same Time

The only people who can successfully do this are the aforementioned professionals using anabolic steroids and complete beginners for whom training is so new for them that their body responds incredibly well and can build muscle and burn fat simultaneously.

For everyone else the two don’t mix. Building muscle requires you to eat more calories than you burn, while it’s the opposite for burning – you need a calorie deficit. While your training won’t train from one goal to the other, your diet will drastically.

You Need Supplements

Supplements are just that – supplements! The clue is in the name – they should supplement a good, healthy diet, not be a main part of it, or the thing you rely on for your results.

Supplement companies pay huge amounts of money to advertise in magazines, so don’t be surprised if their claims are over exaggerated and don’t give you the results they promise.

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