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You can achieve your fitness goals at any stage in life because age is truly just a number. If you have considered bodybuilding and getting on stage after 30, it's a fulfilling sport. Men and women over 30 will attest to that. Read and be inspired!

I am 45. I’ve wanted to compete in bodybuilding for as long as I can remember. I’m finally going to do it because I am not getting any younger, and I love bodybuilding.

~ John Holmes, Future Competitor

The “lost years” – the years you have spent doing for everyone else. You have been a provider, spouse, parent, life coach, or little league coach, but what have you done for yourself lately? Are you still an athlete at heart? Have you been seeking something to fill a churning void?

After 30, the light comes on. You understand yourself; you’re at peace with most things in life, but you may also realize there are some things you have not done. If embers glowing down deep inside you are telling you to challenge yourself, you should sign up for a bodybuilding competition.

I hope you will be inspired by the many, many men and women who have taken the plunge after 30.

Do Something For Yourself!

I reached a point in my life where I was working to please everyone else, and I finally wanted to do something for myself. I wanted my body to reflect the strong and confident woman I was becoming, and I wanted to be a part of a motivational and inspirational community.

~Amy Kathryn, 31, NFF Pro Figure, Musclemania Pro Physique

Always serving others is a great quality, but it you never do for yourself that’s a shame. You only get one short life to fulfill your dreams and become who you want to be. Let your family and friends support you for a change. Show your true strength, mental and physical.

Attain The Dream Body You Always Wanted

Of all the things I wanted to be or accomplish it was to create the body I wanted since I was a little girl, the body of a bodybuilder. I have this one life, so if I didn’t do it before, now seems like a good time if any was left.

~ Tanya Youngblood, 42, WNBF, NFF, DFAC Pro Figure, Pro Physique and Pro Bodybuilder

You flip through magazines and watch TV where you see empowering men and women who look amazing well into their 50s and 60s. Maybe you have wished you could look the same, and you want to achieve your dream body. You still can. The process of becoming a bodybuilder will reveal a body that you have no idea is in there.

It’s Good For The Mind & Body

I’m 32. I decided to compete after 30 because I need a constant goal to strive for, and bodybuilding deep down is my passion. If I didn’t spend time trying to improve my body for the stage I would get depressed and probably get as big and as lazy as an orangutan.

~ Joe Wiest, NPC Nationally Qualified Bodybuilder

When you bodybuild, you constantly focus on bettering yourself. It’s truly you versus you. Every day you achieve small goals while working toward an ultimate goal. If you already spend hours in the gym because you love your body, it’s even more awesome to have a day to showcase that you’ve achieved the goals you have strived for.

Be Rewarded For Your Discipline

I love the discipline, living a healthy lifestyle, the competition, being on stage, and the rewards. I also love competing because my family, clients and friends can come support me, and they can see first-hand my before and after look.

~ Patrice Arnold-Himstreet, 42, WNBF, IFPA, NGA, DFAC Pro Figure

The reward, it’s not the trophy. The reward comes from the emotions you feel the day you confidently walk out on the stage after months of training and discipline. Your body, you will not recognize it. You will unleash your inner bad-ass, and you will fully understand how amazing the human body is after you have unveiled its true potential. All the work has come from you and you alone.

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