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Street Workout is a sport that developed on the streets. Based on a healthy lifestyle and positive peer support, it's easy to see why Street Workout has become so popular. SteadyHealth spoke to a young guy from Eastern Europe to find out more.

Do you want to get fit, but in a modern and urban way? Would you like healthy competition and self-growth, without paying for a gym membership? Street Workout is more than a sport. It's a lifestyle based on healthy living and positive peer support. We wanted to find out more, and spoke to a young guy from the Balkans who has been involved with Street Workout for a few years now.

What Is Street Workout?

"Street Workout is a sport that's practiced exclusively outdoors, in the open air. It consists of elements of athletics, calisthenics, and parkour. Street Workout promotes a healthy lifestyle and mental growth. Steroids and other enhancements aren't welcome. The only tool we use is healthy nutrition," Traki told us. 

Traki is an 18-year old from Belgrade, Serbia. Outdoor gyms have been emerging like mushrooms all across the Balkans in the last few years, but don't despair if you're interested in working out in the open and you're not from Eastern Europe. There's still a good chance that teams of athletes are working out daily at a park near you. Street Workout has swept the globe, and teams in the United States, South American countries, Africa, Asia, and Europe are all busy developing muscles and stamina.

Google will help you locate a team near you, but you may just have to head for your local park to find others practicing Street Workout. 

"I started coming to the park to work out in the fresh air two years ago," Traki explains. "It was terrible at the beginning, and I felt like I was dying. Then I saw a group of people working out together and having fun. I met them again when I returned to the outdoor gym the next day. One was doing front lever pull-ups, while another did handstands. I asked them what they were doing. One guy explained they were training for a Street Workout competition — an event that takes place every fourth month, in a new location every time."

That sparked his interest: "I asked them to tell me more about that. They explained they are working on three different disciplines. They do all of that exclusively outdoors, and without any type of steroids or other chemical enhancements."

That's how Traki started working out regularly, and he joined up with the BarmanZ Street Workout team. Some of the "toughest workouts of his life" were about to hit him. His trainer, a tough guy who used to be in the French Foreign Legion, helped him come out in one piece, with more muscles. "The training was grueling, I admit, but Alek was such a good trainer that I never became demotivated."

What Are Athletics, Calisthenics And Parkour?

When we talk about athletics, we usually talk about competitive jumping, running, walking and throwing. In Street Workout slang, athletics seems to mean — as Wikipedia explains it — "a system of exercises with various levels of exertion provided for health strengthening, development of strength and stamina, as well as, for shaping an athletic constitution". Street Work Out athletics are meant to get you strong, fit, and able to go on for a long time.

Calisthenics can be described as rhythmical, gymnastics-like movements that are usually performed without any equipment. That description doesn't do any justice to what Street Workout guys actually do, though. We're talking about awesome and honestly crazy-looking stuff, like performing one-handed handstands on metal fencing. It looks incredibly exciting and dynamic and is probably what attracts so many people to Street Workout in the first place.

Parkour is a unique discipline that came from military obstacle training. While some people practice parkour as a stand-alone sport, it's easy to see why Street Workout teams incorporated it into their daily routines. Parkour requires an incredible amount of stamina and looks really neat.

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