I am on Lexapro for chronic depression. Lexapro seems to work the opposite for me as it does for most people in some cases when it comes to positive effects. Sometimes when I look up a bad effect I am getting from it - people seem to be using it to STOP those effects.
I would love to know if anyone else is experiencing some of the things I am going through.

First and foremost Lexapro evens me out – I would and have been lost without it– which is exactly why I am taking it so yay for that – there are however a few problems I am having at the moment.

My Questions/experiences:
It makes me incredibally tired some of the time, I have read about other people taking lexapro at night and a noradrenalin inhibitor in the morning to help with energy levels. Is anyone able to tell me if they have tried this and the level of success?

Other people seem to take lexapro for anxiety…however lexapro can exacerbate my anxiety levels, so I always have a clonazepam on hand. I try to take these as little as possible though as they just add to the fatigue I’m experiencing. Does lexapro cause anxiety in anyone else? Have you found a better way to combat it than just using a sedative? I’ve tried breathing exercises but if I get past a certain point it’s almost impossible to calm down.

I’m trying to quit smoking…I’ve read of people using Lexapro to quit however since I’ve been on it and I go without cigarettes for a while I end up hysterical and overly emotional (very badly so) – it’s like it makes the good effects of the lexapro null and void when I stop smoking? Does anyone else experience this and if so have you found a successful way of quitting smoking while still maintaining your lexapro?

Kind Regards