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Smokers face a great number of societal stigmas and have to deal with smelling like an ashtray, having bad breath, yellow teeth and nobody wants to be exposed to second-hand smoke so the habit is highly frowned upon.

Tobacco Health Impacts

Not only do smokers deal with all of these things, but there are also a great number of health problems which can be attributed directly to smoking tobacco.  Cigarettes, cigars and pipe smoking are major health hazards and the effects on the body include cancer, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, asthma, bronchitis, heart problems and much more.

There are several side effects and health complications a person will endure because of smoking or chewing tobacco.  Heart disease, atherosclerotic plaques, high blood pressure, stroke, lung cancer, peptic ulcer disease, heart attack and lung disease risks are just a few of the many things which can happen due to smoking tobacco.  The toxins in cigarettes and other tobacco containing products are dangerous and the health problems experienced can be completely avoided if a person never smokes.

Quit Smoking Timetable

If a person is seriously giving consideration to quitting smoking, the benefits to the body are almost immediate.  The following timetable shows what happens almost simultaneously when smoking is stopped:

  • Within 20 minutes blood pressure, heart rate and extremity temperatures return to normal.
  • After 8 hours, nicotine levels in the blood will decrease by 6.25%.
  • Within 12 hours of quitting blood oxygen levels and carbon monoxide levels will revert to normal.
  • After 24 hours, anxiety will stop and within 14 days will return to that of a non-smoker.
  • Within 48 hours damaged nerve endings regenerate, smell and taste return to normal and the entire body will be nicotine free.

Tobacco Health Impact Awareness Day: “No Tobacco Day”

For those that desire to quit smoking, cold turkey could work for some but for others nicotine replacement patches, nicotine gums and sometimes hypnotherapy can work wonders.  It has been said that to quit smoking can be as hard as kicking an addiction to heroin, finding methods that work is a process of trial and error, so it is important to keep focused and not give up, even in the face of a setback.

The annual World No Tobacco Day is observed globally each year on May 31st, and is meant to encourage cessation of tobacco products for a 24 hour period.  The day is designed to raise worldwide awareness of the dangers of smoking and the startling number of people that die each year from using tobacco products.  The World No Tobacco Day is part of the World Health Organizations largest campaign to raise awareness and help change behaviors to make the world a healthier place and save lives.


Smoking is hands down one of the most dangerous of all habits and costs many numbers of lives each year due to health related illnesses and complications.  By raising awareness and educating people around the world about the catastrophic side effects that can be caused by smoking, it is the hope of awareness campaigns to change the way people think, save lives and make the world a cleaner, smoke-free place.


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