I've been on Lexapro 10 mg for anxiety for about 9 months. My doctor told me it was time to wean off. Two weeks ago I dropped acid for the first time. One hit, it was blotter, who knows the dose. It was more of a body high than visual so I don't know if the SSRI cancelled out the visuals or if it was low quality acid. Then friday night I took 200 mg of molly (MDMA). It was crystalline in clear gel-caps. Pretty great roll. AWFUL hangover, especially since I've been tapering down my Lexapro dose for about 2 months now. VERY gradually. Got to 2.5 mg and have quit for 3 days. I don't know how much of these side effects I'm having are from having done hallucinogens so recently WHILE coming off of Lexapro (Yes, I make BAD decisions). When I went on the Lexapro for anxiety I quit everything cold turkey: nicotine, caffeine, marijuana, all other drugs. Over the last 9 months I've been able to maintain and overcome anxiety triggers pretty well. 3 months ago or so I started back smoking marijuana regularly, mainly high quality medical grade stuff. Some mid from time to time. I haven't changed the marijuana dose while coming off the lexapro.

The side effects I'm having go from "brain zaps" or slips in and out of consciousness, scary while driving to shaking. Also this feeling of something slowly inflating and deflating in my skull from time to time. General anxiety centered in my chest. Weird tics and jerks. General bad mood. Irritability (extreme in some cases). General feeling of crud all over my body and in my brain all the time. I feel like I'm sick. Nauseous. Exhaustion. Depression. Cynicism towards everything. Headaches. Decreased appetite. Weakness. Upper back pain. Tension in my shoulders and neck. Grinding my teeth. 

It's getting ridiculous. This is worse than what I went on the lexapro for almost. I mean, really, all I needed was xanax for isolated incidences of anxiety (which I'm still prescribed, 1 mg PRN). I was over dramatizing everything and talked my doctor into the SSRI I think. But I feel like tearing down the walls. I'm normally a very relaxed, calm and cool person but this is making me turn into something that's not myself. I'm taking B vitamins (though daily vitamins and Emergen-C), drinking plenty of water and fluids in general. Have the hallucinogens I've done in the past 2 weeks made this worse or are they pretty much out of my system by now and the Lexapro withdrawl is just this bad? Help!