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I am on bc but while on a break with my bf I hooked up with another guy. He pulled out just in case, but I'm such a worry wort that I took a plan b pill the next day. I was supposed to start my period a week and two days later but didn't. It's a week later and still no period. I have taken three test and they have all come back negative. I find it hard to believe that my regular bc and a plan b would fail and then three test be wrong, however as I said, I am a complete worry wort!! Someone please give me your opinions and knowledge on whether I have any reason to worry!!


Hi Ammie,

It's unlikely you are pregnant being on B/C if you take it correctly.  Plan B is also highly effective so it is even more unlikely you are pregnant.

One of the side effects of Plan B is - your period is late or early, or heavier or lighter than normal.

If it has been at least 2, preferably 3 weeks since you last had sex then the home tests are likely accurate.

Hope it helps.