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I am worried that I might be pregnant. I had sex with my bf 6 days ago and the condemn completely broke. I took plan b the next morning, about 9-10 hours after he came in me. My period ended about a week before that. When I did the research it was very unlikely I could fertile because of where I was in my cycle. Anyways, today I started bleeding. It's just like my period but very light. Very light cramping. Is this from taking plan B? Or is this from egg implantation? This is the 4th time I e taken plan B and never happened before. I took a pregnancy test but is it too early to detect pregnancy? My period isn't due for another 14-16 days. And the test came out negative but I still have a feeling it could be wrong. Please help!!!! :(


Hi Guest,

1.  It is a VERY common side effect of Plan B. 

2.  It is too early to test for pregnancy.  You need to wait at least two weeks, preferably three, after having sex.

Remember, your next FEW periods can be early or late and heavier or lighter than normal.

It is unlikely you are pregnant.