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I took plan b 4/17/13 after the condom broke and i am now 7 days late 21 days past ovulation and on cycle day 34 my periods have always been regular and never this late even though this is suppose to delay periods ive taken 4 tests within this week 2 may have been early but still came back negative but i feel very pregnant sleep often(always feel tired or lazy) strong food cravings, peeing every hour, high bbt temperatures, had cramps day period was suppose to start but it never came sometimes a little crampy and have other symptoms is a blood test worth it?


Hi Guest,

Give it another few days, until about 10 days late.  Then retest - a urine test.

More than likely you are experiencing NORMAL side effects of Plan B.  Your next FEW periods can be early or late and heavier or lighter than normal.

It is not early to test.  You can test as soon as two, preferably three, weeks after having sex.  Use ONLY your very first morning urine, wake up pee, when you test.  It DOES make a difference in the accuracy.  Your morning urine is more concentrated.  Also, use a name brand test, not a dollar store version.

If still nothing, it's time to see your doctor.  Again, this is common after emergency contraceptives and it is unlikely you are pregnant.

Good luck.