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I had sex with my boyfriend May 31. We used a condom but we think it slipped so we went out and got plan b one step about an hour later. Exactly a week later on June 7 I had a VERY heavy/thick period for about 3-4 days. I was suppose to get my normal period June 18. It is now June 26 and I am starting to worry. I have been having some cramping and vaginal discharge. This isn't the first time that I had to use plan b.. Do you think I could be pregnant??? 


Hi Guest,

Plan B is very effective used within 72 hours.  It is unlikely you are pregnant.

Typical side effects of Plan B include having your period early or late AND heavier or lighter than normal.  It may take a while to become "regular" again.  Plan B is a very large dose of hormones.

I don't think you're pregnant.

Hope it helps.